Paul "Hoopshank" Turrell

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Bands: Vampire Blues, Mr. Scary, The Firework Party/Kojak's Revenge, Delirious Groove, Freakwave, Boa, Helen's Evil Twin, Hellshank, Exquisite Green Potatoes, Hexagonal Broccoli, The Good Lord, Hoolem Tea, The Better Lord, many songwriting collaborations.

Vampire Blues

Colin Bradbury

 Mr. Scary

Colin Bradbury

The Firework Party --> Kojak’s Revenge

use I likes those songs).

Members during my time with The Firework Party:

Kevin Smith   -   vocals, occasional guitar
Paul Morrey   -   guitar, backing vocals
Brian Pearce   -   bass guitar
Gary Smith   -   drums, backing vocals
Paul Turrell   -   keyboards

My time with The Firework Party (earlier known as 'A Motion Industry') was all too brief. They were a superb Portsmouth band and deserved success which never came.

I played with The Firework Party from 1988 until 1990 but only did one gig of original material (I was with them during a major re-thinking period, after they had written loads of great songs and played loads of gigs as 'A Motion Industry', but got nowhere). I also played about 20 extremely good 60's - 80's cover- version gigs with them (under the names 'The Hippy Hippy Sheikhs' and, later, 'Kojak's Revenge') during a longer period. Maybe there was too much emphasis on the relatively lucrative cover gigs, but such is the problem with the British Music Industry at grass-roots level these days (even more so now) - it is VERY HARD to make ANY money, let alone a living, without a record contract. And that's no guarantee either (as I well know...)

Editor's note: Paul later rejoined Kojak's Revenge while living in Emsworth in the mid-2000s.

Delirious Groove

Core Members:

Rob Wakefield   -   vocals, guitar
Paul Turrell   -   keyboards, bass guitar
Daniel Fade   -   keyboards
Ed Herten   -   drums

Occasional members: Stephanie King - vocals, Luke Whitehouse - guitar, Marcus Donnelly - percussion,
Dan Tiseman - bass guitar, Alex - saxophone, Bill Crowther - saxophone, John Breland - percussion,
Ed - trombone, Darren - trumpet, Holly Long - backing vocals, Elouise - backing vocals.

(sorry if I forgot your surname - please leave a message to remind me if you're reading this - would love to hear from any of you whether I forgot your surname or not! If I forgot you altogether, even more apologies - Delirious Groove got a bit out-of-control in terms of recruitment - get in touch!)

Delirious Groove was probably the most enjoyable band I ever played with (enjoyable for me, at least!) They lasted just one university year at Bath (1991 - 1992) but were unquestionably the most popular band in the university, and one of the most popular bands in the city in that short time. They wrote and played jazz/funk at a time when it was enjoying a brief renaissance.



Phil Sheldon   -   guitar
Paul Turrell   -   keyboards
Romesh Jayawickrama   -   bass guitar
Marcus Donnelly   -   drums

Occasional members: Alex - saxophone, Stephanie King - vocals, Daniel Fade - vocals,
Mark - guitar, Emileen - backing vocals, Dave - percussion.

(sorry if I forgot your surname - please leave a message to remind me if you're reading this - would love to hear from any of you whether I forgot your surname or not!)

A band of extraordinary musical ability (if I say so myself, as a part of it), Freakwave lasted less than a year (1992 - 93) before I (selflessly and possibly foolishly) helped to persuade sublime guitarist Phil to quit his electronic engineering degree (which he hated) in order to study music too far away to keep the band going.

In 99% of bands, Phil's replacement, Mark, would have been a great asset. But Phil was a nigh impossible act to follow. I left the band shortly afterwards in order to escape Bath (another very foolish move on my behalf) after being devastated by the break-up of a relationship. At that point, the band folded. Shame. It had serious potential.


Jasmine Rodgers   -   vocals, occasional guitar and percussion (1993 - present)
Steve Rodgers   -   guitar, occasional vocals and percussion (1993 - present)
Alex Caird   -   bass guitar (1993 - present)
Lee Sullivan   -   drums and percussion, occasional keyboards after my departure (1994 - present)
Paul Turrell   -   keyboards, string arrangements, occasional guitar and percussion (1993 - 2001)
Ben Henderson   -   guitar, saxophone, occasional percussion (1993 - 2000)
Ed Herten   -   drums and percussion (1993 - 1994)

I was a founder member of Boa in 1993, playing keyboards, along with drummer Ed Herten and guitarist/singer Steve Rodgers. They were soon joined by bassist Alex Caird, singer Jasmine Rodgers (Steve's sister) and saxophonist Ben Henderson. They wrote and performed jazz/funk songs.

Ed left a year later and was replaced by Lee Sullivan, who was more a rock drummer and influenced the writing of rock/ alternative songs rather than jazz/funk. Ben, meanwhile, began a gradual migration to guitar.

In 1996, Boa signed a recording contract with Polystar of Japan. Two painful administrative (and, very occasionally, musical) years later, their album 'The Race Of A Thousand Camels' (named after a very bad computer game that I wrote) was released. It was moderately successful despite a lack of publicity. The single 'Duvet' (music by me) was chosen as the opening theme tune to Japanese anime 'Serial Experiments: Lain', which became internationally popular and won several awards. I played all of the piano and keyboards on the album, orchestrated and conducted the string section (er... for 'section', read 'quartet' - all we could afford!) and played a little guitar (on 'Welcome') and percussion ('Welcome' and 'Anna Maria') for good measure.

Polystar ceased to co-operate with Boa when Boa refused to sign a (very mean) publishing deal with Polystar's publishers of choice. When the term of the contract ended in 2000, Boa were picked up in the U.S.A. by Pioneer, who repackaged the 'Race...' album as 'Twilight' and released it in the U.S.A. Despite the best efforts of Boa's Pioneer representative, Todd Culberhouse, the company did not invest in such luxuries as publicity and the album's success was 'modest', shall we say.

However, Boa had by now built up a considerable world-wide following, most of whom had discovered them via Lain. To this day, they have a strong online presence.

I left in 2001. Boa continues as a four-piece (Jasmine, Steve, Alex and Lee) and released a new album 'Get There' in mid-2005. I co-wrote a couple of the songs on it before my departure from the band."

Other musical activities: producer, sound engineering, lecturer at Kingston University and Gateway School of Music. Masters Degree in Film Composition.

Also worked as a computer programmer.

To add: influences (musical, comedic, other), writings, recorded interviews, remembrances from friends and music partners.